The FAQs

  • FRIENDLY WARNING: Sometimes a meeting is cancelled and nobody tells me! Please email or call the group contact before you head out and confirm that the meeting is still on. When you discover one has been abandoned, please let me know. This is an all-volunteer effort and you are part of it 🙂
  • Phone Calls in Costa Rica

  • There are no addresses here except in downtown San José and in downtown Heredia, both of which are on a grid. You have Calles (Streets) and Avenidas (Avenues). For everywhere else, you get directions. Sometimes you get “go to the dead tree and make a left…”
  • TO FIND THE LOCATION: Print the page with your desired meeting info, directions AND A CELL PHONE NUMBER FOR SOMEONE WHO WILL BE AT THE MEETING, preferably someone who can also speak Spanish. Hop in a cab and see if the cab driver knows the meeting place. Even if the cabbie only speaks/reads Spanish, s/he will often at least recognize the name of a place/building. If you all can’t find it, have the cab driver call the AA person who can hopefully direct the cab driver. (Cab drivers all have a cel phone.)
  • If you have a link to information about AA in other cities, other countries, please send it to us.
  • If you have a question about Costa Rica AA, please write to the contacts listed for your desired area.
  • If you have a question about living in or visiting Costa Rica, please don’t write to any of us. I don’t mean to be rude, but the topic is too big to answer in a quick email. There is lots of info on the web. Search for Costa Rica blogs or Costa Rica information. This is an excellent place to start: